Khush Jammu


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I was born in Malaysia, lived in Hong Kong for a bit, and am currently serving in the Singaporean army. I love building things, reading old books, and playing the guitar.

When I was 12, I read Stealing the Network: a collection of semi-fictional short stories about hackers. Younger me was mesmerised by the power and leverage technology offers — the first ever program I wrote was a tool from that book. From then on, I became student by day, developer by night.

In high-school, I met Taichi and Arya. Together, we've won hackathons, worked on our startup Questo, hosted our own events, snagged government grants, and more. Those late-night calls with them are some of my best memories. I've grown and done far more than I could have on my own. I'm very grateful to be friends with them.

I graduated from high-school in May 2020. Now, I have two years of compulsory national service before I go to university. That's two years of runway to do whatever I want to. I hope to meet more awesome people, start development consulting, and keep building stuff. 

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You can find more about my reading here. There's the backstory behind my favourite books, reviews I've written, and more.

“It seems to me,” said Trout, “that the main lesson Eliot learned is that people can use all the uncritical love they can get.”